Automated Robotic Lab Testing

Automated Lab Testing is in high demand and offers great value to companies by avoiding contaimination, limiting exposure to employees, and reducing down time due to employee absence. Automation using robotics is ideal for medical analysis, material testing, sample testing and chemicals mixing where tests can require long periods of focused engagement by lab technicians which can cause fatigue and contribute to mistakes.

Collaborative Robots in Lab Testing

Leveraging collaborative robots allows employees to work along side the automated processes and can reduce the floorspace and workarea requirements while usually increasing productivity and accuracy.

LabVIEW Integration

Our team of experts can coodinate automated testing with your exising LabVIEW test systems include cRIO, PXI, Fieldpoint, SCXI, and more.

Improve Consistency and Inspections

Leveraging automation in lab environments offers a variety of ways to improve quality with laser, vision, and thermal inspections. Combining inspections with the very precise capabilities of robotic automation for dosing or mixing processes can be a great way to reduce failure and rejection rates.

Common Lab Automation Tasks

Automated lab equipment uses:

  • Material Placement / Tending
  • Solution Mixing
  • Packaging / Unpackaging
  • Process Monitoring and Tending
  • Quality Inspections
  • Beaker and Pipette Handling
  • Clean Room Environments
  • Hazard / Biohazard Isolation
  • Manufacturing
  • Plastic Injection Molding

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National Instruments

NI Alliance Partner

Certified LabVIEW Architect and Developers will ensure that solutions adhere to the NI development standards.

Our Certified Professional Instructor (CPI) provides on-site training for your team.

ABB Robotics

ABB Authorized Robotics System Integrator

We are trained, experienced and ready for your next medical, machine tending, or robotic automation project.

FANUC America

Authorized System Integrator (ASI).

Our automation team is experienced in robots, vision, motion control and more.

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