Vertical Automation & Information Technology, LLC. (Vertical AIT)

Vertical AIT is your choice for expert Industrial Control and Automation projects.

We offer Automation Consulting, Control Systems, PLC Programming, LabVIEW Integration, Robotic Process Design, and Custom Software/Firmware Development.

Software Development

Custom windows, web, mobile, firmware, cloud, web, and IIoT development.

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Know real-time status of your equipment with cloud based instrumentation data.

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Controls & Automation

Improve precision and performance through digital controls systems.

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Lower labor costs and improve quality with robotic automation for time intensive and error prone steps.

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Automated Inspections

Vision, thermal, and laser inspections to verify size, color, position and other critical parameters.

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LabVIEW Integration

NI partner with over 20 years of LabVIEW experience building test stands, real-time data acquisition and anything in between.

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Vertical AIT Consulting Services

We are integration partners with several product lines and offer services on a wide variety of technology solutions including hardware, software, firmware, LabVIEW, PLCs, robotics, inspections, vision systems, data collection and monitoring, automation, or any combination of these.

Our Work
Integration for Most Industries

Vertical AIT works with virtually all industries and has experience with Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Government, Medical, Laboratory, Retail, and Research & Development (R & D) just to name a few.

Free Consultation

We're here to guide you from idea to implementation. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Vertical AIT is your choice for automation, control, LabVIEW, PLC, and custom firmware/software development.

Our integration consulting team, based in the Houston Metro area, works across business verticals to create solutions that add value and improve productivity. Call today to discuss how we can help your business get from design to delivery on custom software, embedded systems, firmware, web development, desktop applications, and mobile solutions.

Sometimes our customers have referred to us as Vertical AT, however, it is actually Vertical AIT which stands for Vertical Automation & Information Technology, LLC.

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