Machine Tending

Robotic Machine Tending generally has a quick ROI and the installation of robotic tending system can be completed in just a few days (or less in some cases).

Maximize Employee Value

Machine tending is repetitive and boring for employees. Keep your employees engaged by utilizing robots to tend machines and relieve human workers of repetitive work - freeing their time to be used on more demanding tasks that increase their value to your business.

Increase Production Capacity and Quality

In most cases robot efficiency can greatly exceed that of a human while improving placement consistency. Vision, laser, or other precision inspection tools can be added to help ensure that your products are completed to the highest standard.

Improve Safety and Efficiency

Robots don't get distracted or take breaks which allows for continuous operation with improved efficiency and eliminating the risk of injury. If your machine tending requires interaction with other employess there are many options for COBOTs and safety cages or fencing that can help ensure a safe working environment.

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