Custom Industrial Internet of Things Device (IIoT)

by Vertical AIT

Custom Firmware used for Industrial IoT device with Edge Gateway Servers.

IIoT System Design

  • Developed custom firmware to gather high-speed data from customer's equipment
  • Synchronized data from the firware to a local SQL database on a solid state Dell Edge Gateway
  • Pushed data to Amazon cloud from Edge Gateway devices using secure Web APIs.
  • Designed appealing and user friendly responsize web interface for the end-user to view their data and quickly identify system state and health.

Full Stack Development Project

The development on this project includes full-stack programming beginning with a TI Tiva Arm Based chip using the TI-RTOS (Real-time Operating System) through a web dashboard.Data from the firmware is read using Modbus and Modbus TCP into middle-ware that built upon the Microsoft .NET Framework using C# and Entity Framework for local data storage on an edge gateway server. From the edge gateway machine data is then pushed to the Amazone EC2 instance running an RDS that serves as the Cloud based data repository.
With the equipment data pushed to the cloud server user's can access dashboards that provide real-time information about their equipment include health, status, and maintenance needs based on real-time information.


. One of the biggest challenges on this project has been getting data processed and retrieved from the device efficiently without disturbing the high speed data collection. This was achieved by balancing the processing time spent by the CPU between reading the raw analog and digital input data and processing the data.

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