About Vertical AIT, LLC.

Vertical AIT is a software consulting firm that is focused on helping clients bridge the gap between the data that their business needs to run and the tools, systems, and equipment that make their business run.

Allen Biehle Co-Founder / CEO

Allen has over 15 years of development experience from real-time systems for Oil and Gas clients to serving as Program Manager for a SaaS portal with over 50,000 users across the state of Texas.

In addition to his industry experience he has an MBA and a bachelors in Computer Science from Texas A&M.

This combined experience and education provides a solid business minded approach to help guide your business from design to delivery on all your IT needs.

James Dean Co-Founder / President

James also has over 15 years of combined experience at the Space Center, for Oil and Gas clients, just to name a couple.

Mr. Dean has a bachelors in Physics from the University of Texas with minors in Math and Electrical Engineering.

He is also a Certified LabVIEW Developer with experience on various National Instruments (NI) hardware platforms.

His unique knowledge offers superb results creating data monitoring, acquisition, control, and noise reduction solutions.

NI Alliance Partner

Vertical AIT is a proud National Instruments (NI) Alliance Partner.

Certified LabVIEW Architect and Developers will ensure that solutions adhere to the NI development standards.

Our Certified Professional Instructor (CPI) provides on-site training for your team.